XML parsing : illegal xml character migration error

by XDK 15. March 2016 13:09


Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Migration.Toolkit.ErrorManagement.MissingErrorRouterException: Runtime error does not meet the error routine policy and there is no conflict manager to log a conflict. ---> System.Data.UpdateException: An error occurred while updating the entries. See the InnerException for details. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: XML parsing: line 1, character 78999, illegal xml character


This error might occur when stacktraces are pasted directly into the HTML fields in the work item. In my case, the stacktraces with illegal characters were in Repro Steps field.


I ignored the work items which were causing the failure using the below clause in the migration query.

And processed the ignored work items manually.


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The updated arguments of a build process template not getting refreshed in the process section of a build definition

by XDK 2. March 2016 18:53


  • Delete the registered build process template in the collection database

          use <Collection database>;
          delete from tbl_BuildProcessTemplate where ProcessTemplateID = 'updated Process Template ID';

  • Create the build definition again


Azure DevOps on-premises | TFS 2012

How to create a report to review changesets that are checked in without work item association?

by XDK 26. February 2016 13:54


You may query the TFS cube thru excel to pull the information. Select the fields and configure as shown in the below screenshot.


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Meaning of AcceptYours,AcceptTheirs and AcceptMerge during merge conflicts

by XDK 18. February 2016 09:13


AcceptYours - Local version is to be used for merge
AcceptTheirs - Server version is to be used for merge
AcceptMerge - Resolve conflict by doing manual merge

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Azure DevOps on-premises | TFS 2012 | TFS 2013 | TFS 2015

MIssing "Find by Status" and "Find by Wildcard" in Source Control Explorer

by XDK 11. January 2016 12:49


"Find by Status" and "Find by Wildcard" plug-ins are from TFS power tools. You need to install TFS power tools to gain access to "Find by Status" and "Find by Wildcard" menus.


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