Link to set global build retention policy for TFS Build and Release

by XDK 23. July 2017 00:06


Team Services: https://<account>

TFS 2017: http://<TFS Server>/tfs/<Collection Name>/_admin/_buildQueue

TFS 2015 Update 3: http://<TFS Server>:8080/tfs/<Collection Name>/_admin/_buildQueue

TFS 2015 RTM: http://<TFS Server>:8080/tfs/<Collection Name>/_admin/_buildQueue#_a=settings


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“Powershell to rollback” task in Release Management Utility tasks from Visual Studio Marketplace

by XDK 2. July 2017 02:37


The “Powershell to rollback” task in Release Management Utility tasks from Visual Studio Marketplace was working fine in TFS 2015 instance but stopped working after upgrading TFS 2017 instance.


2017-06-27T11:57:58.0160646Z ##[debug]inlineScripe = Write-Host 'Rollback logic goes here as a powershell script'
2017-06-27T11:58:58.0327321Z ##[debug]Getting Personal Access Token for the Run
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2046532Z ##[debug]Calling http://TFSServer:8080/tfs/Collection/Team project/_apis/release/releases/213/environments/641/tasks?api-version=2.1-preview.1 using obtained PAT token
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z ##[debug]Could not obtain release tasks status
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z ##[debug]Error
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z The page you are looking for is currently unavailable.
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Page not found.
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z More information about this error
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Page not found.
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Things you can try:
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Refresh the current page
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Go back to the previous page
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Sign in as a different user
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Submit feedback to Microsoft about this error
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
2017-06-27T11:58:58.2983878Z © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


The API version in the script Runpowershellwithtaskcontext.ps1 located at “<Agent Directory>\tasks\Rollback\1.1.2\” related to “Powershell to rollback” task, must be updated with the corresponding TFS 2017 API version after the upgrade.

Change the api-version from api-version=2.1-preview.1 to api-version=3.0-preview.2 in the script Runpowershellwithtaskcontext.ps1 located at “<Agent Directory>\tasks\Rollback\1.1.2\”


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Unable to access team projects across collections

by XDK 1. June 2017 23:23


Access to the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\15.0\TeamFoundation\Instances\<TFS Server Name>\Collections\<Team Project>" is denied.


Clear the Visual Studio cache at "%LocalAppData%/Microsoft/VisualStudio/15.0" to resolve the error


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How to create personal access token (PAT) in TFS?

by XDK 15. March 2017 22:00


  • Login to your Team Foundation Server web portal (https://<server Name>:8080/tfs/).
  • Navigate to home page -> profile -> security menu
  • Click on personal access token menu
  • Click on Add button
  • Enter the Description, Expires In (lifespan) and Accounts details for your token
  • Click on Create button

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