Clearing the default credentials cache for connecting to a Team Foundation Server

by XDK 8. January 2014 12:08


Visual Studio/Team Explorer/MTM remembers your last credentials, So that you need not enter the login credentials everytime you connect to TFS. This will be a problem when you try to login as a different user.


Perform the following steps to clear the credentials cache

  • Goto windows control panel --> "User Accounts" --> "Manage your credentials" 
  • Search for your TFS url in the list --> Expand the TFS url credentials in the list
  • click "Remove from vault" button 



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How to query build controller and agent details in a collection database

by XDK 2. January 2014 08:51


SELECT a.ControllerId "Controller ID", a.DisplayName "Controller Name" , a.Status "Controller Status(1 - Active)",

b.AgentId "Agent ID", b.DisplayName "Agent Name", b.Status  "Agent Status(1 - Active)" FROM tbl_BuildController a , tbl_BuildAgent b where a.ControllerId = b.ControllerId


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w3wp.exe process is missing after TFS app tier reboot

by XDK 23. December 2013 11:12


w3wp.exe an Internet Information Services (IIS) worker process is a windows process which runs Web applications, and is responsible for handling requests sent to a Web Server for a specific application pool. W3wp.exe process will not be started automatically after App tier reboot or IIS restart or application pool restart. w3wp.exe will be launched once the first request is made to the TFS Application.


1. Try accessing TFS application once http://tfs:8080/tfs. See whether the w3wp.exe is available in "Windows Task Manager" --> "Processes Tab"

2. You can configure Worker process started automatically by adding startMode attribute to TFS application pool to AlwaysRunning in your applicationHost.config


   <add name="Default App Pool" startMode="AlwaysRunning" />


Solution 2 will work for IIS 7.5 or newer


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Host Dormancy Concept in TFS

by XDK 21. December 2013 13:44


Host Dormancy is a feature built-in to the 'kernel' of TFS that will pause jobs from running if a collection hasn't been accessed in a period of time. If a collection isn't being accessed, that means that the data isn't changing, so there's no need to run some jobs. This is key functionality that allows the Team Foundation Service to scale to thousands of collections.


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How to delete orphan workspaces and shelvesets from TFS team collection database?

by XDK 20. December 2013 07:17

Todeleteorphanworkspaces.sql (2.93 kb)


To delete orphan workspaces.sql (2.93 kb)


Deleting a team project through tfsdeleteproject command will result making the associated workspaces and shelvesets as orphan records in TFS collection database. The collection database size may not reduce as expected even after team project delete. 

tfsdeleteproject /force /q /excludewss /collection:"<Collection Name>" "<Project Name>"


The attached script finds and deletes the workspaces\shelvesets that only have workspace\shelvesets mappings for projects that no longer exist and delete them. 

Please backup the collection database before you execute the script.

This script require TFS 2012 update 2 or newer

To delete orphan workspaces.sql (2.93 kb)

To delete orphan shelvesets.sql (2.58 kb)


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