How to recall or replace an email message sent in outlook?

by XDK 19. October 2015 11:13


  • Click Sent Items.
  • Open the message that you want to recall and replace.
  • Click on the Message tab


  • Click Actions, and then click Recall the Message.          




How do I manage multiple remote desktop connections to the TFS Servers in a complex environment?

by XDK 15. October 2015 09:43


Download and manage multiple remote desktop connections using Remote Desktop Connection Manager

About "Remote Desktop Connection Manager"



How to create WSP Package in Sharepoint 2013 by Visual Studio 2013?

by XDK 13. October 2015 18:19


Right click your project. Then click "Publish".


Choose the location to Publish your WSP file.

Clicking "Publish".



Visual Studio Shortcuts

by XDK 12. October 2015 11:24
Shortcut Usage
Alt + Click add additional cursor
Alt + F12 peek definition
Alt + F4 close window
Alt + Left navigate between files
Alt + Right navigate between files
Ctrl + / split active editor
Ctrl + ` cycle open editors
Ctrl + = zoom in
Ctrl + - zoom out
Ctrl + 1 focus left editor
Ctrl + 2 focus right editor
Ctrl + Alt + ] jump to matching bracket
Ctrl + Alt + click open definition to side
Ctrl + Alt + Down add cursor below
Ctrl + Alt + Up add cursor up
Ctrl + B toggle sidebar
Ctrl + Click open file to side
Ctrl + Click go to definition
Ctrl + E go to  file
Ctrl + Enter open file to side
Ctrl + F12 go to definition
Ctrl + F2 add cursor to each occurrence of current word
Ctrl + G go to line
Ctrl + Shift + D debug
Ctrl + Shift + E explore
Ctrl + Shift + F search all files
Ctrl + Shift + I shows windows
Ctrl + Shift + J advanced search all files
Ctrl + Shift + L add cursor to each occurrence of current selected text
Ctrl + Shift + M list all current errors
Ctrl + shift + O navigate to symbol
Ctrl + Shift + P open control pallet
Ctrl + Shift + U output
Ctrl + Shift + W close window
Ctrl + Space trigger IntelliSense
Ctrl + T jump to symbol across files
Ctrl + Tab cycle files
Ctrl + W close editor
F2 rename symbol
F11 full screen
Shift + F12 reference search


TFS Versions

by XDK 9. October 2015 14:36
TFS RTM SP1 CU2        
2005 8.0.50727.147 8.0.50727.762          
2008 9.0.21022.8 9.0.30729.1          
2010 10.0.30319.1 10.0.40219.1 10.0.40219.371        
TFS RTM Update 1 Update 1 CU 1 Update 2 Update 3 Update 4 Update 5
2012 11.0.50727.1 11.0.51106.1 11.0.60123.100 11.0.60315.1 11.0.60610.1  11.0.61030.0  
2013 12.0.21005.1     12.0.30324.0 12.0.30723.0 12.0.31101.0  12.0.40629.0
2015 14.0.23128.0            


Azure DevOps on-premises

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