Partial files while performing "get latest" operation in TFS.

by XDK 7. February 2014 12:04


All my source files where partial while performing TFS version control "get latest" operation on Windows Server 2008 R2 OS



Open Visual Studio with "Run as Administrator" option



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How to fix the CA0053 error in Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2012?

by XDK 29. December 2013 06:45


You are opening a solution made in Visual Studio 2010 with VS 2012.  When you run Code Analysis you get a series of CA0053 errors, saying it is unable to load the rule sets from the Visual Studio 2010 directory

In the Error window you get an error message saying “Code Analysis detected errors.” And in the Code Analysis window you will get the “CA0053 Error running code analysis” with its “Unable to load rule assembly”.

This means the project is bound to Visual Studio 2010, where it should have been Visual Studio version independent. The absolute path to the Visual Studio 10 binaries is what causes the problem.

What has happened was that this certain VS2010 specific information was “inadvertently” introduced in SP1, and it has not been fixed in any later update. It does NOT happen if you run in Debug|x86 or Release|x86, but any other configuration you have added will give you this error.


Tool to fix the errors available at





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How to switch a workspace from source to target workspace mappings without affecting the folders and files in the target workspace.

by XDK 19. December 2013 08:02


A regular get operation will deleted each item in the target workspace folder and re-downloaded the folders and files from the server to target workspace folder.


Use remap switch with tf get command

"tf get /remap"

Note: /remap switch does increase the load on server to process your request


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Can I lock folders and files in a shelveset?

by XDK 19. December 2013 07:43


A lock cannot exist in a shelveset, When you try to lock an item and shelve it, your lock will be removed as part of the shelve operation.


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Multiple TFS users mapping their workspaces to same folder on shared drive

by XDK 18. December 2013 10:02


Multiple users mapping their workspaces to same folder on shared drive lead to conflicts in performing checkin, Checkout and "get latest" operations.


You can try users mapping their workspaces to different folder on shared drive.

For example

user 1 -- <Shared Drive>\User 1 Workspaces\

user 2 -- <Shared Drive>\User 2 Workspaces\

user 3 -- <Shared Drive>\User 3 Workspaces\

user 4 -- <Shared Drive>\User 4 Workspaces\

Note: Mapping the workspace to a shared drive lead to bad performance.


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