Unable to use or share the workspace created using Visual Studio 2012 or higher versions in Visual Studio 2010.

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 5. February 2016 11:57


Visual Studio 2010 can't use the local workspaces created using Visual Studio 2012 or higher versions. The local workspace feature was introduced starting Visual Studio 2012.


Create the workspace using Visual Studio 2010 to share or use the same workspace across Visual Studio 2010 and higher versions.

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MIssing "Find by Status" and "Find by Wildcard" in Source Control Explorer

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 11. January 2016 12:49


"Find by Status" and "Find by Wildcard" plug-ins are from TFS power tools. You need to install TFS power tools to gain access to "Find by Status" and "Find by Wildcard" menus.


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Embedded images in HTML fields are missing in the Work Items

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 18. November 2015 10:00


The mentioned error occur when the TFS URL is not properly configured for client access.

You can figure out the invalid URL location of the image by right-click --> Properties on the image in the Work Item field 

Solution for Web Access client

  1. Log on to TFS app tier
  2. Open "TFS Administartion Console"
  3. Select "Application Tier" node
  4. Check whether the "Notification URL" in the "Application Tier Summary" is configured with FQDN.
  5. If not configure as expected, then configure the URL with FQDN by clicking on "Change URL" as follows 

Solution for Visual Studio IDE

  1. Close all Visual Studio IDE and IE instances
  2. Open IE.
  3. Add *.<your TFS domain>.com to the local intranet settings
  4. Open Visual Studio IDE to verify the missing image


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TF31002: Unable to connect to this Team Foundation Server

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 14. May 2015 06:52
Ensure the proxy settings are set correct. You may face TFS connection issues when the proxy settings 
have changed or are incorrect.

Note: The .NET and Visual Studio use the proxy settings from Internet Explorer 

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Frequently getting connection error message in the build notifications

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 23. April 2015 09:42

Error Message:

"Connection to the Team Foundation server http://servername:8080/tfs/defaultcollection has been restored." 


  • Open build notifications options window
  • Deselect the build definitions that have been deleted
  • Close the options window
  • Open build notifications options window again
  • Make sure that the deselected build definitions are disappeared from the list of build definition in build notification tool.

Build notification tool does not remove the deleted build definition automatically.

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How to update TFS workspace after computer name changes?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 13. March 2015 12:17


You will not be able to work on your existing workspace, if your computer name is changed. You may get error messages while you try accessing the source repository.


1. Open Visual Studio command console and execute the below command

tf workspaces /updateComputerName:<OldComputerName> /s:<ServerName>

2. Install Team Foundation Sidekicks.

  • Open the workspace Sidekick
  • click Search
  • Select your workspace from the list.
  • Click the blue computer icon to Update Workspace Computer Name



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Editing work item description in Excel would show the following warning and the description would lose all its formatting.

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 12. February 2015 08:03



Team Foundation Server doesn't allow editing the actual HTML out of the fields. The text typed in Excel would be published without any of its HTML tags and that is the reason that it lost its formatting.

Following link has the reason why Microsoft wouldn't allow HTML editing



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How to receive the TFS alerts via a text message?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 4. February 2015 09:20


Following are the steps to configure TFS alerts via a text message

1.Open team project alerts page : 
http://<TFS SERVER>:8080/tfs/<COLLECTION NAME>/<PROJECT NAME>/_admin/_alerts
2.Enter cell phone number @ your carrier’s email in "send to" field to the existing or new alerts.
Send To: T-MobileNumber@
Carrier Email to SMS gateway
  Alltel : Your Mobile Number@message.alltel.com
  AT&T : Your Mobile Number@txt.att.net
  Boost Mobile : Your Mobile Number@myboostmobile.com
  Sprint : Your Mobile Number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  T-Mobile : Your Mobile Number@tmomail.net
  US Cellular : Your Mobile Number@email.uscc.net
  Verizon : Your Mobile Number@vtext.com
  Virgin Mobile : Your Mobile Number@vmobl.com


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"Microsoft Root Certificate Authority 2010 or 2011 is missing and can cause installation failures for some signed packages. For more info, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125."

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 25. March 2014 12:24


VS 2012 update 3 failed to install on Windows 7 64 bit OS due to Microsoft Root Certificates


"Microsoft Root Certificate Authority 2010 or 2011 is missing and can cause installation failures for some signed packages.  For more info, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125."


Note: You may see "Update for Root Certificates For Windows XP" in the site page. But the executable work on win 7 and also fix the issue.

  • Try to install VS 2013 Update 3 again.



Visual Studio 2012

Could not connect to TFS server within Eclipse plugin from linux OS

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 25. March 2014 07:35


TFS user was not able to connect to TFS through Eclipse plugin from linux box. TFS connection hangs forever. When I tried to debug, I found the user was not able connect to intranet\internet within Eclipse IDE.


Enabled the proxy settings in the Eclipse IDE. Following are the steps

1. Open Eclipse

2. Go to "Windows" --> " Preferences" menu

3. Expand "general"

4. Select  "Network Connections"

5. Select "Active Provider" as manual

6. Select " HTTP " --> click "Edit"  --> Enter Host as "Your proxy server" and port as "Your proxy server port (usually 80)" --> click "ok" --> click "ok" --> click "apply"

7. Restart "Eclipse"

8. Try connecting to TFS Server.



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