Who deleted my MTM objects?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 4. November 2014 07:26


All MTM objects information are stored in the TFS collection database table ‘tbl_AuditLog’.


You can query the TFS collection database table ‘tbl_AuditLog’ as below

USE <TFS collection database>

SELECT tbl_AuditLog.AuditId, tbl_AuditLog.DateModified, tbl_AuditLog.Action, tbl_AuditLog.ObjectType, tbl_Project.ProjectName, tbl_AuditLog.AuditIdentity FROM tbl_AuditLog JOIN tbl_Project ON tbl_AuditLog.ProjectId = tbl_Project.ProjectId 

List of Action code:

None = 0
Delete = 1
Reset = 2

List of Object Types:

None = 0
TestRun = 1
TestConfiguration = 2
TestPlan = 3
TestPoint = 5
TestResult = 6
TestVariable = 7
TestResolutionState = 8
TestSettings = 9
Attachment = 10
TestSuite = 11
TestSuiteEntry = 12
TeamProject = 13
TestVariableValue = 14
TestConfigurationVariable = 15
BugFieldMapping = 16
Session = 17
TestController = 18
DataCollector = 19
TestCase = 20
SharedSteps = 21
Other = 1000

You can query the TFS configuration database table ‘tbl_Identity’ for user details

SELECT [Sid],[Id],[DisplayName],[Domain],[AccountName],[MailAddress] FROM [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_Identity] where [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_Identity].[Id] = '<tbl_AuditLog.AuditIdentity value>'



Bulk editing option in MTM 2013

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 30. September 2014 12:59


1. Open the team project web portal
2. Goto Test tab --> select a test suite --> click on “View List” --> click on “Grid” to view the testcases for bulk edit.




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