How to remove Framed Display ads add-on?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 6. November 2014 14:30


Framed Display is a browser add-on which can be added to all your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.The advertisements may appear in the form of pop-ups, web banners, interstitial ads, etc. The ads are rather intrusive, so they will disrupt your online activity.


Use the freefixer tool to remove the "Framed Display ads add-on"



Unknown domain users displayed in the work items "assigned to" field

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 29. January 2014 16:57


IT administrators account get populated in the work item "assigned to" field.

By default, [TEAM FOUNDATION]\Valid Users include [TEAM FOUNDATION]\Team Foundation Administrators which holds [BUILT IN]\Administrators.


In the TFS Server Administration Console

1. Select Application Tier and clicked Group Membership. I

2. Double-click on [TEAM FOUNDATION]\Team Foundation Administrators 

3. Remove [BUILT IN]\Administrator


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