TFS cannot find the restored project collection database from other TFS instance

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 27. May 2017 00:13


TF254078: No attachable databases were found on the following instance of SQL Server: <Server Name>. Verify that both the name of the server and the name of the instance are correct and that the database was properly detached using the detach command in the Team Foundation Administration Console.


You may need to check whether the project collection is detached from the other TFS instance properly.

Execute the following query on the problematic project collection database where it is restored

USE <project collection database name>
SELECT name, value FROM   sys.extended_properties 

Check whether the TFS_SNAPSHOT_STATE property with the Complete value is available in the query output.

If you don’t see the TFS_SNAPSHOT_STATE property then the project collection is not detached completely from the other TFS instance properly




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