How to install Cross-Platform Command-Line Client for TFS on non windows box?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 20. November 2016 01:40


1. Download the latest Cross-Platform Command-Line Client from the below link

2. Unzip the archive file that contains the client.

3. Configure your shell or system path to include the folder to which you unzipped the archive.

vi ~/.bash_profile

export PATH=$PATH:<Path of the Command-Line client unzipped folder>

4. Save and exit        

5. Execute the below command

source ~/.bash_profile

tf eula -accept

6. At command prompt, type tf, and then press the ENTER key.


7. Set the TF_AUTO_SAVE_CREDENTIALS environment variable to any value, such as "1" to save TFS credentials in the credentials cache. After you set the variable, you do not need to specify authentication information each time that you run a tf command.

8. execute the below command

vi ~/.bashrc 

9. Add the line


10. Save and exit

11. Execute the below command

    source ~/.bashrc

tf get -login:<User name>,<Password>


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