How to make a valued field read only or non editable after the first save of a work item?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 21. June 2016 20:47


I got a requirement to add a custom field for initial estimate which is required and should be read only or non editable after creating the work item.


Solution is to add a FROZEN rule along with REQUIRED rule as follow

<FIELD name="Inital Estimate" refname="Custom.InitalEstimate" type="Double" reportable="Measures">

   <HELPTEXT>Inital estimate for this task</HELPTEXT>

   <FROZEN />




FROZEN - Prevents users from changing the value of a field once it contains a value. As soon as a user saves the work item with a value in that field, the value can no longer be modified.

REQUIRED - Requires a user to specify a value for the field. Users cannot save a work item until they have assigned values to all required fields.

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