How to create a report to review changesets that are checked in without work item association?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 26. February 2016 13:54


You may query the TFS cube thru excel to pull the information. Select the fields and configure as shown in the below screenshot.


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Meaning of AcceptYours,AcceptTheirs and AcceptMerge during merge conflicts

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 18. February 2016 09:13


AcceptYours - Local version is to be used for merge
AcceptTheirs - Server version is to be used for merge
AcceptMerge - Resolve conflict by doing manual merge

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TFS | TFS 2012 | TFS 2013 | TFS 2015

Unable to use or share the workspace created using Visual Studio 2012 or higher versions in Visual Studio 2010.

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 5. February 2016 11:57


Visual Studio 2010 can't use the local workspaces created using Visual Studio 2012 or higher versions. The local workspace feature was introduced starting Visual Studio 2012.


Create the workspace using Visual Studio 2010 to share or use the same workspace across Visual Studio 2010 and higher versions.

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