Not able to connect to TFS cube (Tfs_Analysis - SSAS)

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 13. November 2014 09:20


Login failed for user XXX


I am not able to connect to TFS cube even though, I am in Tfs_Analysis --> TfsWarehouseDataReader's role. 


Make sure that you have enabled the "Read definition" database permission for TfsWarehouseDataReader role


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Team Explorer Everywhere support for GIT

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 13. November 2014 06:14




TFS 2013

Failed to access the temporary location. Action - Ensure that the current user has required permissions to access the temporary location.

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 11. November 2014 10:05


Failed to access the temporary location.  Action - Ensure that the current user has required permissions to access the temporary location.  

Additional Information:

- Framework setup check failed on all the nodes  - Cause: Cause Of Problem Not Available  

- Action: User Action Not Available Summary of the failed nodes XXXXX  

- Version of exectask could not be retrieved from node "XXXXX"  

- Cause: Cause Of Problem Not Available  - Action: User Action Not Available


I ran into the above exception while installing Oracle client "p13390677_112040_MSWIN-x86-64"

Work Around:

Try to kill "RemoteExecService.exe" process in windows task manager --> processes tab.




How to remove Framed Display ads add-on?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 6. November 2014 14:30


Framed Display is a browser add-on which can be added to all your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.The advertisements may appear in the form of pop-ups, web banners, interstitial ads, etc. The ads are rather intrusive, so they will disrupt your online activity.


Use the freefixer tool to remove the "Framed Display ads add-on"



Who deleted my MTM objects?

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 4. November 2014 07:26


All MTM objects information are stored in the TFS collection database table ‘tbl_AuditLog’.


You can query the TFS collection database table ‘tbl_AuditLog’ as below

USE <TFS collection database>

SELECT tbl_AuditLog.AuditId, tbl_AuditLog.DateModified, tbl_AuditLog.Action, tbl_AuditLog.ObjectType, tbl_Project.ProjectName, tbl_AuditLog.AuditIdentity FROM tbl_AuditLog JOIN tbl_Project ON tbl_AuditLog.ProjectId = tbl_Project.ProjectId 

List of Action code:

None = 0
Delete = 1
Reset = 2

List of Object Types:

None = 0
TestRun = 1
TestConfiguration = 2
TestPlan = 3
TestPoint = 5
TestResult = 6
TestVariable = 7
TestResolutionState = 8
TestSettings = 9
Attachment = 10
TestSuite = 11
TestSuiteEntry = 12
TeamProject = 13
TestVariableValue = 14
TestConfigurationVariable = 15
BugFieldMapping = 16
Session = 17
TestController = 18
DataCollector = 19
TestCase = 20
SharedSteps = 21
Other = 1000

You can query the TFS configuration database table ‘tbl_Identity’ for user details

SELECT [Sid],[Id],[DisplayName],[Domain],[AccountName],[MailAddress] FROM [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_Identity] where [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_Identity].[Id] = '<tbl_AuditLog.AuditIdentity value>'



TF401009 and TF400997 errors during scheduled backups

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 2. November 2014 03:50


TF401009: The TFS service account NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE cannot access network shares.  Change to an account that can access the backup path.
TF400997: SQL Server service is running as NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE. Please change this account to an account that can be accessed


Scheduled Backups end up with failure, when granted permissions for the NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE and the NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE accounts on the backup path.


To run Scheduled Backups without errors, you have to change the JobAgent and the Sql Server service accounts to User account.


TFS 2013

I don’t see MS Build logging verbosity property in TFS 2013 build definition

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 1. November 2014 08:47


This feature is not available in TFS 2013.


You can set the verbosity in build definition using MSBuild arguments section in process tab


Following are the levels of verbosity that can be set for the ms build output:

· Quiet
· Minimal
· Normal
· Detailed
· Diagnostic



Team Build | TFS 2013

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