Bulk editing option in MTM 2013

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 30. September 2014 12:59


1. Open the team project web portal
2. Goto Test tab --> select a test suite --> click on “View List” --> click on “Grid” to view the testcases for bulk edit.




Cleaning up and reduce the size of the TFS database using TFS stored procedures

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 7. September 2014 18:57


  • If your Files table is large:

EXEC prc_DeleteUnusedFiles 1, 0, 100

@partitionId = 1, @chunkSize=100

The nature of prc_deleteunusedfiles is that once it deletes a bunch of files, that causes more files to be able to be deleted due to our delta chains. This procedure is run on a weekly schedule so it will clean up the next set of files the next time the job runs.  This procudure can executed  repeatedly until FWFilesToDelete stops decreasing.This procedure may run for a long time, that’s why it has the third parameter which defines the batch size.

  • If your Content table is large:

EXEC prc_DeleteUnusedContent 1

@partitionId = 1

  • Queries to monitor the DB size

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tbl_File f WHERE f.PartitionId = 1 AND f.OwnerId = 1 AND f.DeletedOn IS NULL AND f.CreationDate < DATEADD(DAY, -1, GETUTCDATE()) 

AND f.FileId NOT IN (SELECT FileId FROM tbl_Version WHERE PartitionId = 1 AND FileId IS NOT NULL)


SELECT COUNT(*) from tbl_File f WHERE f.DeletedOn IS NOT NULL


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