TFS Service Unavailable – HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 20. September 2013 07:32


The TFS 2010 web access url reported "Service Unavailable – HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.", but I was able to access TFS 2010 using Visual Studio IDE and other clients. Only the TFS web was not working


Verify whether The "Microsoft Team Foundation Server Web Access Application Pool" is running. If not, start the app pool.



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Admin SVC must be running in order to create deployment timer job

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 13. September 2013 07:35


You may get the "Admin SVC must be running in order to create deployment timer job" error when you deploy a SP solution or package to the sharepoint server


Start the below windows service and deploy again.


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SharePoint Client-Side Object Model ClientContext.Load method cannot be loaded.

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 11. September 2013 11:59


'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext' does not contain a definition for 'Load' and no extension method 'Load' accepting a first argument of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference)


I got the above exception while using 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext' load method in my share point web part project. Adding Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll to project assembly references resolved the errors. The reason for the load method error is as follows

  • ClientContext inherits from ClientRuntimeContext
  • ClientContext is defined in Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll
  • ClientRuntimeContext is defined in Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll
  • ClientRuntimeContext defines the Load method


Add Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll along with Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll to project assembly references.


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TFS Jobs

by Xavier Dilip Kumar 2. September 2013 08:18
Job Name


Build Warehouse Sync Every 30 minutes
Common Structures Warehouse Sync Every 30 minutes
Test Management Warehouse Sync Every 30 minutes
Version Control Warehouse Sync Every 30 minutes
Work Item Tracking Warehouse Sync Every 30 minutes
Synchronize Test Cases Every 10 minutes
Repopulate Dynamic Suites Every hour
Identity Synchronization Job -
This job synchronizes few properties of every user that is a member of a group in the system with the windows active directory
Every hour
Team Foundation Server Coverage Analysis Every hour
Work Item Tracking Integration Synchronization Every hour
Incremental Analysis Database Sync  Every 2 hours
Cleanup Discussion Database Daily
Cleanup Test Management Database Daily
File Container Cleanup Daily
Job History Cleanup Job -
This job removes the internal job history log records that are older than 31 days
Full Analysis Database Sync  Daily
Security Identity Cleanup Job Daily
Team Foundation Server Activity Logging Administration -
To purge data in the activity log (tbl_Command) that is older than 14 days
Team Foundation Server Event Processing Daily
Team Foundation Server Framework Data Cleanup Daily
Team Foundation Server Framework File Service Cleanup Daily
Team Foundation Server Send Mail Job -
 This job is responsible for sending out email alert subscriptions and SOAP alert subscriptions. 
Version Control Administration -
This job removes content in the database that has been previously destroyed. Also, it removes content that gets staged to a temporary table as part of the large check - in
Version Control Code Churn Daily
Version Control Delta Processing Daily
Version Control Statistics Update Daily
Work Item Tracking Administration -
This Job operates on the work item tracking tables. It reorganizes fragmented indexes and updates table statistics. It also deletes work items and attachments no longer used by the system. It will also delete orphaned attachments, beacuse saving a work item and uploading an attachment are two separate transactions, and one can succeed wiyhout the other.
Work Item Tracking Remove Orphan Attachments Daily
Optimize Databases -
This job operates on the relational warehouse database. It reorganizes fragmented indexes and updates table statistics
Build Information Cleanup Job -
To reorganize/rebuild any indexes in SQL that exceed the fragmentation threshold
2 days
Message Queue Cleanup Job 2 days
Prune Registry Audit Log 7 days
Work Item Tracking Referenced Identities Update 7 days
Work Item Tracking Remove unused constants 14 days
Build Cleanup Job  
Upgrade - Version Control Code Churn Online -
This is a once-off job that runs after upgrade from TFS2010 to TFS2012. The format for storing the code churn data changed, so rather than converting that data during upgrade, it was done slowly over time post-upgrade by this job


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